Leg Stretcher | Stretching made simple



Adjustable up to 180 degrees to accommodate every level of flexibility

Easy to use

The leg stretcher is designed to be very easy to use with almost no setup required. Just sit, adust to you size and you're good to go!


Easy to carry with you anywhere, anytime! It can easily be brought to any gym, studio or even your work place!


Learn more about the leg stretcher.

The best leg stretching machine

The leg stretched have been proven the be the best leg stretching machine for anyone who wants to improve their flexibility.
It is more effitive than traditional stretching and more affortable and portable than full size leg stretching machines.

Main benefits

Using a leg stretcher has many benefits such as:
  • Makes stretching more efficient
  • Develops flexibility and balance
  • No need of a partner
  • More efficient than traditionnal stretching
  • Easy to setup and use
  • eBook Included

    With your leg stretcher, you will also get a special ebook "How to do the split in 30 days" which will guide you to develop your flexibility the right way and fast! You will get a full detailed program on how to use the leg stretcher and improve your flexibility in 10-15 minutes a day.

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    The best leg stretching machine

    Leg Stretcher

    Do you want to do the split? If you want to become more flexible for martial arts, dance, yoga, fitness or any other sports, then the leg stretcher is 100% made for you. Free "How To Do The Split in 30 Days" eBook Included today

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    Must-have for any martial artist

    Jaz W.

    The leg stretcher is truly amazing! I am a professional muay thai fighter for years, and this tool is truly amazing to improve your flexibility! The ebook provided is also great.

    So awesome

    Anne L.

    Been using it for 3 weeks now following the ebook provided (which is probably worth the price of the product by itself) and having great results. I am doing yoga for a couple month and the leg stretcher has really helped me improving my flexibility.

    Good for my rigid muscle

    Renee S.

    One would think that it would be easy enough to stretch and push yourself to your limit on your own. It seems that this simple piece of equipment can help push you further than you can push yourself. The padded rods make it comfortable for your ankles and hands and it's great to have extra replacement foam pads as well. The strap is useful for keeping the pressure on the handle and to keep the tension against your ankles. This one helps me a lot on muscle relaxation, highly recommend this for people have muscle rigid.

    Very ingenious

    Milene K.

    I LOVE stretching! I'm not a gymnast or cheerleader or anything like that, I just really like to stretch and stretch further than last time. Sometimes it is hard to get a good inner thigh stretch on your own. This tool is so simple and works very well to get a good stretch on your own! Really like it and wish I had known about it sooner!

    Better than stretching machines

    Amber K.

    I have a leg stretcher as well as a big stretching machine, and the leg stretcher is no doubt 10x better. It does the exact same but has the big advantage of beign very portable and easy of use. The eBook prvided helped me a lot too.
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